Romania is participating at Developer Week 2023, Oakland, California with 8 companies exhibiting under RoMADE brand.


Arhipelago Interactive SRL (Arhipelago) is a well-known Romanian media & communication company focused on B2B infomediary services. Located in Iasi, Romania the company was one of the pioneers in online publishing with numerous (up to 100 digital products) online magazines, portals and digital services for the SME sector with an average of 1.000.000 monthly views.


CreativeVR is a leading emerging tech studio specializing in the creation of memorable digital experiences. As the CEO and co-founder, I have spent the past 8 years driving innovation and delivering value to our clients through the development of cutting-edge solutions.


MySimplicated is a tech driven, digital native and e-commerce-centered fashion brand. In a growing creator economy, we imagined a fashion brand owned by a meta human - a virtual influencer that lives and shares her life in social media @Ana.Tobor (ROBOT)


WonderBaby is a revolutionary pediatric ecosystem that offers a comprehensive range of features to support the health and development of young children. With its three pillars - tracking, medical, and blog - WonderBaby is the ultimate solution for parents and caregivers.


Outcreate is a leading web design agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses succeed online. We specialize in crafting custom software solutions, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services, UI/UX Design, Marketing, and Branding. Our goal is to create meaningful online interactions that drive conversions and improve ROI.


We are committed to providing our readers with reliable and trustworthy information. We believe that the best advice is free, and we try to rely on the concept of Simplexity as much as we can when developing our content.


Born in 2015 in the form of multiple product review websites, SerOxy became a diverse and multicultural digital platform thanks to the responsibility that our site visitors have entrusted us with.


Ality – the easiest, fastest and safest way to manage a business

Ality is the most efficient and secure way to manage the activity of employees and is the simplest alternative that allows the employer to monitor their activity using a variety of features.

Our Sponsor

Romania's Government through the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism

The Romanian participation at Developer Week 2023, Oakland, California is organized through a project financed by the Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Tourism (Romania’s Government).

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism was established through HG 23/18 January 2017 and it applies the strategy and the ruling program of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the commerce, the entrepreneurship and the foreign investments in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and for the stimulation of economic operators.

The sector of small and medium-sized enterprises is a contributor of strategic importance to the economic growth and the job creation, and it should benefit from the state of a public policy regarding a keen regulation, a systematic consultation with representative organizations, an attractive fiscal system, increasing access to financing, simplification of the procedures and less paperwork.

The essential role of the Foreign Trade Department (FTD), which is part of the Ministry for Entrepreneurship and Tourism, is to support economic development by promoting exports and Romania’s harmonious integration into the international relations global system.

The Board of Instruments and Export Promotion Programmes aims to increase of the degree of internationalisation of the Romanian companies, the competitiveness of Romanian products for export, employment growth in the areas concerned, as well as the performance and productivity, the promotion of Romanian quality products and high value-added services.

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